Posted by: mobrienweiss | January 15, 2013

Are tweeting critics ruining winter TV conference?

thrAccording to The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Goodman, the fact that TV critics attend the Television Critics Association press tour and tweet whatever random thing they might be thinking about the TV stars and TV show runners/producers/writers who are speaking to them is sincerely annoying to the television folks who are angrily griping about the writers’ comments.

Goodman wrote:

” … [T]he networks and cable channels seem to be having a very difficult time with Twitter. Why? For starters, they’re following a lot of people in the ballrooms of the Langham hotel where the tour is taking place. And what they’re seeing are, well, lots of snarky comments. About their shows, the actors, the executives. About what those actors and executives are saying. And what they’re wearing.”

But Goodman countered the complaints by saying that the TV people are ignoring that new and returning shows are receiving oodles of free publicity via Twitter. Plus, there’s no stopping the critics from tweeting without risking a mutiny. He added:

“You can’t put the genie back in the bottle on this one, people. And the networks and cable channels that are so easily offended need to get over it. Like pretty much every critic or writer I talked to, I stand behind everything I tweet. Did I just say your entertainment president was spinning the truth? Why, yes I did. That line about how the upcoming Monday night procedural or Thursday night comedy is heinously bad? Give me another 140 characters and I’ll say it again, only with exclamation points.”

Read the whole article here.

Image credit: The Hollywood Reporter.



  1. I can’t help but feel delighted in hearing that Hollywood executives are annoyed at the power of twitter.

    While this article is focused on a winter tv conference and how Hollywood is peeved at their inability to control social media, this article also speaks to the power of twitter and how it has positively altered the power structure of the world.

    Hollywood, world governments and even the media should all be very afraid of the power social media gives to the people.

    Goodman is absolutely correct in saying you can’t put this genie back in the bottle. Hollywood and other powerful organizations must learn to cope with the power of twitter or else they’ll continue to be angered and frustrated.

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