Posted by: mobrienweiss | January 23, 2013

Media all abuzz over Beyonce & lip sync-gate


Was it live or was it pre-recorded?

The media are going bananas over reports alleging that Beyoncé lip synced “The Star Spangled Banner” during President Obama’s inauguration on Monday.


Is all the coverage and attention warranted?

Image credits: New York Daily News and New York Post



  1. I understand that people like drama. It’s what keeps us going on a day to day basis so it doesn’t really surprise me that this story has made such big news. However, that’s all it is – drama. So she lip-synced. It happens all the time. People are just making a fuss because it happened at Obama’s inauguration. Frankly, I don’t blame her for singing to pre-recorded music because it was extremely cold. Would you want to sing outside in the frigid cold in front of millions of people? I certainly would not want to. If she had sang live and messed up or stuttered due to the freezing temperatures the poor thing would have been criticized about that too. It was a lose – lose situation. She was just taking the necessary precautions to avoid any uncertainties at such an important event.

  2. Of course it is surprising and will cause a stir that Beyonce lip-synced because she is so talented and not an auto-tuned singer. Beyonce actually sings her songs unlike Kesha (who knows what she does). It is normally rappers or “artists” who have their songs auto-tuned that lip-sync not natural singers. Just because she lip-synced doesn’t mean she is a scammer (plenty of people do it). Perhaps her voice was hurting or she is recovering from the flu. Or maybe she felt more comfortable having lip-synced that song. Maybe the weather played a part. There are many reasons as to why she may have lip-synced and she shouldn’t be ashamed.

  3. I believe this is a non-story and does not warrant the attention and media focus it has received.

    Pop stars have lip synced performances for a very long time and there are many reasons as to why and none of them are important.

    The reason why this story is beig reported by the news media is simply because its salacious and it will draw viewers. Sure the backdrop of the story was the presidential inauguration but that’s window dressing and misleads people into thinking it is somehow a real news story.

    This story belongs in the pages of the National Enquirer, not in supposedly reputable news sites.

  4. I do not think that this coverage is warranted. I believe that this story has gained so much attention from the news because it grabs the attention of the younger generation. This younger following will read and re-post stories like this which is what helps them to spread across social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

    I believe that since Beyonce chose to lip sync at the presidential inauguration, where every news corporation was recording, people felt the need to criticize her more than the many other artists that have lip synced in the past.

    The continuing coverage and social media attention that this topic has received, in my opinion, is too much. There are other, more important stories that deserve attention over this specific topic.

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