Posted by: mobrienweiss | February 5, 2013

Vine’s creeping possibilities for newsgathering

The new app for the iPhone or the iPod Touch, Vine, which allows folks to upload six-second, micro-videos onto Twitter and Facebook, is catching on with journalists, according to Wired Magazine’s Mat Honan.

“It sounds boring, I know,” Honan wrote. “It sounds like Socialcam or Viddy or any number of Instagram-for-video attempts. It’s not. It’s fundamentally different. And it’s amazing.”

Why is it amazing? Honan said:

“Vine shares more with the animated GIF than YouTube, and almost doesn’t feel like a video app at all. It is its own thing. It’s a code that unlocks creativity in six-second bursts, a powerful tool for real-time journalism, an entirely new art form. And after spending a week with it, I’m convinced it’s going to be big. Really, really big.”

CNET’s Matt Terdiman seconded Honan’s enthusiasm regarding Vine’s implications for online journalism.

“Today, I encountered my first use of Vine as a newsgathering tool — a video of a fire breaking out in a San Francisco neighborhood — and it struck me immediately that this is one future for Vine I hadn’t heard people discussing, although as Wired points out, there have been cases of people using Vine to document a broken water main and a broken-down San Francisco subway,” Terdiman wrote.

Terdiman pointed out that the Poynter Institute’s Jeff Sonderman wrote that Vine has potential. “Think of the impact Twitter has made so far on real-time reporting — making everyone, everywhere, a potential instant eyewitness who can share text or a photo with the world,” Sonderman said. “Now think of how that effect is amplified when the public can easily start sharing videos of the same events.”

Jim Romenekso has links — including ones I used here — for opinions on Vine.

Additionally, Poynter’s Julie Moos created a collection of Vine videos made by news organization staffers within the first week of Vine’s release.


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