Posted by: mobrienweiss | February 18, 2013

Study: Tumblr very popular with under-25 set

garry tan chart
A new survey has found that Tumblr is currently the hot networking platform for those under-25, according to TechCrunch.

Describing Tumblr as an anti-blogger platform, Adam Rifkin, who wrote the TechCrunch piece, said Tumblr’s where it’s at, pointing to tech guru Garry Tan’s survey, conducted with Survata, of over 1,000 people ages 13-25 about which social media platform they use regularly by the numbers of hours per week.

Among the results, Tan found: “It turns out Facebook’s doing just fine with the kids these days — in fact, slightly more of the younger demographic reported using it regularly. But perhaps most impressive was Tumblr topping the list at #1, with 59 percent of respondents saying they used it regularly.”

Musing on the platform’s surge in popularity, Rifkin said, “Tumblr now enjoys more regular visits from the youth of America.”

How often do you visit Tumblr?

Image credit: Garry Tan web site.



  1. I don’t have a Tumblr myself, but I know a lot of people who do. My younger twin sisters (they are almost 18) tell me about it and have shown me gifs and videos that I hadn’t heard of or seen anywhere else prior.

    I haven’t really thought that much about getting one. When I made a blog a couple of years ago (which I didn’t end up sticking with) I remember one of my high school friends telling me I should have made a Tumblr instead. I guess I have kind of placed it in the category that Rifkin describes it as: anti-blogging. I also have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and feel like they both eat up a lot of my time as it is.

    I am really looking forward to starting a blog, but I think it is definitely going to be more writing and reporting focused, so I’m thinking of using a platform more along the lines of wordpress.

  2. I visit Tumblr about once a day but very rarely do I participate by posting content.

    Facebook has become just another way in which family and friends can contact each other but Tumblr can provide anonymity, if so desired, and allows users to show off their creative side and personalities a bit more than Facebook.

  3. I had a Tumblr when I was in high school as well as the first 2 years in college; however, I rarely used it. I would use it in chunks- 2 weeks straight and then nothing for 4 months. It has an appeal to it because you can personalize it however you want and it is yours. I think that is what draws the “youth of America” in. As a young teen you are searching for your identity and something to call your own- a product of you. Tumblr gives them this platform. It also is heavily pictured base (at least from what I recall) which is entertaining on a boring day or when you are procrastinating. Lastly, I believe it to be popular with the youth because it is not a serious blog; it’s something they can have fun with.

  4. Another instance where work interferes with social media. yikes!

  5. Laura — That KFC story was unbelievable. First the bitter barista, now the mashed potato guy.

  6. I have not even searched any of those websites and do not understand what the hype is with having multiple soical media related accounts. It’s time consuming to waste so much time checking each one. I do however find it interesting that the percentages are not higher for Facebook and Twitter particularly, since those two seem like everyone has one. I think it would also be interesting to see what the percentages were for people under 25 and used that to compare social media use with age.

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