Posted by: mobrienweiss | March 29, 2013

NY Post reporter threatened on Twitter

It seems like there’s a new story like this every week. Typically it unfolds thusly: Somebody writes something controversial and then, ultimately, winds up on the receiving end of all manner of vitriol online, specifically on Twitter.

The latest incident involves a New York Post reporter who, after writing a front-page story about an EMS who had a “secret” Twitter account filled with racist, sexist and anti-Semitic commentary, has been getting death threats sent to her Twitter account, the Post reports.

In an editorial defending its staffer Candice M. Giove, the New York Post editors wrote:

“When this newspaper exposed EMS Lt. Timothy Dluhos for his vile tweets, we thought it couldn’t get worse. After all, here was a guy tweeting under the moniker ‘Bad Lieutenant’ and using a photo of Adolf Hitler for his profile. But it turns out that Dluhos has friends in some pretty low places.

These friends of Dluhos have now turned their online fury on Candice M. Giove, the Post reporter who exposed him. Some fantasize about her being raped. Another talks about her being killed with a hatchet. One perverse soul wishes she would die in a car fire — ‘hopefully’ when she’s pregnant.

. . . We all say things we regret. But we’re seeing something very different from regret from Dluhos’ defenders — something far more troubling than tasteless language.

What we are seeing is the fruit of an online universe whose offer of anonymity is helping to feed a culture of shamelessness.”

To view some of the odious tweets you can go to the Post’s Storify page.



  1. This is disgraceful. I am an inspiring news reporter and there is always the fear of various hatred being in mainstream media; you always will upset someone, and that someone could be the nasty person who threatens you.

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