Posted by: mobrienweiss | April 2, 2013

We’re talkin’, talkin’, talkin’

Students taking Framingham State University’s Writing for Online and Social Media class are in the midst of uploading their first audio snippets or podcasts to their blogs.

Student Spencer Buell — who blogs at Student Journalism: A Love Story — just posted a really good interview with a former Framingham State University journalism student who’s now a reporter for the MetroWest Daily News.

Spencer recorded the phone call, then uploaded the file to SoundCloud, then copied the code for the audio into the body of a post. He even gave the podcast a clever name, “Editorial Sound Board.”

I also tried uploading an audio interview conducted by another student, Cristina Valente — she blogs at Spreading the Word to End the Word. First I saved her initial audio recording in an mp3 file then realized I had to upgrade the space on this WordPress blog in order to upload the audio. That cost $20.

I initially uploaded the audio by creating a post, set it to “text” (as opposed to “visual”), then inserted the audio file. Under the display option, I chose “none,” then published:

The audio works on some laptops and smartphones, but not all. I, for example, wasn’t able to play it on my iPad or my laptop but it worked on an Android smartphone.

However I much prefer the SoundCloud way of uploading audio. It looks better and seems cleaner.

I created a SoundCloud account (free), uploaded the WAV file (I’d converted Cristina’s audio to a WAV file), created the SoundCloud audio then embedded it into this post:

Please feel free to chime in with suggestions for better ways to upload audio to blogs, audio/recording apps that work, etc. We’re all ears.


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