Posted by: mobrienweiss | April 9, 2013

Good example of student-social media journalism

While reading through my Twitter page today, I came across this post by a student journalist from Oakland University who’s taking a media ethics class. It’s well worth taking a look.

On her blog, Walks and Balks and Bunts, Oh My!, Lindsay Beaver — the sports editor for independent student newspaper The Oakland Post — detailed her ethics project where she sought to figure out what her 1,942 Twitter followers “really felt about women in sports journalism.” She created a survey on Survey Monkey and asked her Twitter followers to take the anonymous poll.

As of April 8, she reported receiving 131 responses and then analyzed 100 of them. Her respondents were largely ages 18-24 (48 percent) and male (68 percent). Then, using solid graphics on her blog, she gave readers the results which included:

  • 88 percent don’t believe “women are as respected as men in sports journalism.” (She noted one male in the 25-34-year-old category added, “No, and they shouldn’t be.”)
  • 72 percent said “women should be allowed inside the men’s locker room before and after games.”
  • 67 percent said they “take women journalists as seriously as men,” with 26 percent reporting, “it depends” and 10 percent saying that they don’t.

I like the way she combined social media, an internet survey, graphics and her blog for this project. Of sexism and sports journalism, she wrote:

“I don’t want to dwell on this topic. I want to ignore the ignorant. I don’t want to give sexists and misogynists the time of day. But while looking at these results, I couldn’t not share some of the responses I received. I want a chance to answer some of the things that were said, while also showing opinions that demonstrate maybe society and sports culture is on the right path. Maybe.”


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