Posted by: mobrienweiss | January 7, 2014

2013: Twitter & journalism

The past year saw Twitter play an integral role in news events, particularly breaking news events, not always for the good.

Mistakes, as they say, were made all over Twitter during breaking news stories — particularly when it came to initially IDing the suspect(s) in the Boston Marathon bombing and the Washington Naval Yard shooting. Nonetheless, avid Twitter users continued to frequent the site, utilizing it as a tool of engagement, news gathering/dissemination and area in which to muse about the annoyance of winter snowstorms and the recent season of Homeland.

muck rack image

The blog Muck Rack recently published, “2013: A year in Twitter journalism:”

“From Edward Snowden’s big reveal to the Boston bombings, social media has become an established part of how news spreads and increasingly how it is sourced,” Gregory Galant wrote on Muck Rack as he announced that his website “analyzed these journalists, their organizations and how some of the newest members of the social journalism community have embraced their Twitter handles and engaged audiences worldwide.”

muck rack image 2

In addition to ranking the most-followed journalists on Twitter — CNN’s Anderson Cooper with 4.6 million followers, Muck Rack also assessed the news organizations with the most staffers tweeting, with the New York Times leading the way with 502, closely followed by Reuters with 496.

muck rack image3

Who has lured the most Twitter followers? Muck Rack says CNN tops the list with 18.2 million.

What news-related Twitter accounts do you follow?

Image credits: Muck Rack.


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