Posted by: mobrienweiss | January 16, 2014

Lessons from BuzzFeed’s Golden Globe tweeting


BuzzFeed’s rendition of the route Golden Globe award winners took to the stage.
— BuzzFeed via Poynter.

The folks at Poynter gave the BuzzFeed staff some big props for how they used social media during the Golden Globes, an event that saw a 39 percent increase in tweets during this year’s broadcast over last year’s with 2.4 million tweets.

“BuzzFeed wants to own the Twitter conversation when events of national interest take place,” Poynter’s Sam Kirkland wrote, “and Sunday’s airing of the Golden Globes gave the social news site another chance to hone its craft.”

Kirkland pointed out three things BuzzFeed did right the night that it took the length of an epic poem for award winners to get to the stage. (See BuzzFeed’s amusing rendering of their routes to the stage above.) Lessons Kirkland drew from BuzzFeed’s tweets:

  • “If you want to tweet fast, don’t wait for a link.
  • Collaborate
  • Use images and Vines (but maybe not GIFs anymore).”

“BuzzFeed had around a dozen people in the office for the Golden Globes,” Kirkland continued. “With an overwhelming amount of chatter about the Globes on Twitter, having a core group of editors and reporters in the same place allowed BuzzFeed to zero in on the best elements of the show and keep the tweets coming.”

Image credit: BuzzFeed via Poynter.


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