Posted by: mobrienweiss | January 22, 2014

Social media & journalism: A discussion

The market research firm, the Cicero Group, posed an interesting question in a recent study, entitled, “Is social media killing journalism?”.

The answer, according to its report, isn’t entirely clear, though it is certain that journalists are eagerly partaking of social media.

“Social media has had an almost immeasurable impact on the worlds of journalism and PR,” wrote the Cicero Group’s Mike Robb in a foreword for their analysis. “That much goes without saying. But it is often assumed that a journalist’s use of social media is a no-brainer — a positive tool that enhances their work by bringing them closer to their relationship.”

“That view,” Robb continued, “however, is far from universal. Many believe social media has in fact harmed journalism by making the profession far lazier, increasing the focus on quantity over quality, and prioritizing speed instead of accuracy.”

Robb interviewed two British journalists as part of a roundtable debate pondering this issue and concluded that, “Social media has enabled the ordinary person to voice their opinions in a way never before possible. It has vastly increased the power of the individual over the corporation, something that has been largely restricted to journalists in the past.”

He later asked the journalists, individually, their thoughts.

What say you, does the pressure to tweet out 140 characters or update a blog ASAP make journalists lazy and sloppy? (My vote would be, “No.”)


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