Posted by: mobrienweiss | January 27, 2014

Enhanced State of the Union address: Attempting to direct the discussion

While journalists and political pundits will take to Twitter in droves tomorrow during the annual State of the Union  address, the White House staff will be trying to persuade social media users to make the White House web page their second screen.

By promoting an enhanced State of the Union, White House staffers will go split screen with President Obama on one side and charts/graphs and other pro-White House messages on the other side. By attempting to control the message — and capture the hashtags #SOTU and #SOTU14 — administration officials likely want Twitter users to steer clear of snarky tweets that may pop up in Twitter streams.

The president even made a Vine to promote the whole enterprise.

There’s also been a week-long effort to build anticipation for the address via the White House’s Instagram account, offering “behind-the-scenes” images.

Will it work and help channel the discussion in a pro-Obama direction? I’m not sure because I, for one, don’t want to miss out on the political commentary from a variety of sources. However, I may triple-screen it, just to see what the White House is up to.

In the meantime, they’re also trying to tantalize fans of the West Wing — I consider myself among them — with a Josh Lyman/Will Bailey bit.


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